Our Process

Nicaraguan and Central American coffees are steeped in the tradition of washed arabicas for which they are a global baseline provider – but in the past 10 years we in NOR have – besides from our own sustainable washing processes, added on different specialty fermentations – such as honey processing in different varieties, anaerobic naturals, anaerobic washed processes, starter culture fermentations – just to name some. 

You will have to contact us to get the latest offerings on these exclusive nano- and micro-lots which are available according to our capacity and the whims of the gods of fermentation. 

Sharing Processes

We take great pride in sharing the best and some of the most avant-garde techniques freely with our farmers (once we have tested them thoroughly ourselves to ensure they will benefit our partner farmers) so that they might learn to heighten the quality of their production and in turn gain better premiums for the same beans which in former years might have been sold as bulk. 

We stress the importance of quality all the way from the picking, quality separation techniques – always offering tangible economic incentives for our farmers to develop these filters and this quality-awareness. NOR also provides access to agronomists who can help our farmers improve productivity of their farms and to better the quality of their beans.

Solar Dry Mill Processing

We have established a solar powered dry mill which is receiving coffees from our partner farmers and cooperatives while it is still in the highlands – thereby retaining the quality which is often lost during the transport down into the valleys where most dry mills are located. We have taken inspiration from Danish use of renewable energy and modern technology on grain processing and have together with a group of likeminded farmers and exporters developed a technology which has the robustness and cost-effectiveness to be attractive for the rustic context of a coffee farm – be it in Nicaragua, Bolivia or elsewhere. We are aiming to be able to offer this technology not only to our farmer partners, but also to other companies and exporters in order to improve the carbon footprint of the coffee business, while lowering the energy cost and consumption for the farmers. We have developed this project with the Central American engineering company ICAutomatizados and Cafe Directo and welcome new partners who want to be introduced to this technology.

Our farmers have access to process their coffee on the NOR solar dry mill at a reduced cost (both in processing and transportation) and can either sell to us or take the coffee to market themselves. This is a way of empowering the farmers economically while helping them to improve their coffee quality.