Renewable Energy

We are optimizing the use of renewable energy in all aspects of our company. We’ve invested in gravity pumps for water, solar thermal energy for the drying processes, solar photovoltaic energy for the milling processes as well as sustainable farm lighting and machinery.

We offer access to third-party financed, renewable energy solutions for regenerative agriculture by using solar pumps and renewable-based drying via solar PV, solar thermal, wind and hydro- depending on the our Partner´s Farm and processing facilities.

Our solutions are based on proof-of-concept, durable and rustic solutions, which are feasible to run off-grid and on top of a mountains 1,400 meters above sea-level. We offer our Partner Farms and Cooperatives full maintenance packages and access to have the fully certified carbon reduction

We continually try to improve our use of water resources by filtering the grey water from our wet milling process and pumping the grey water up to tanks from where we can mix the grey water (which contains a high amount of nitrogen) with other important elements and use this liquid regeneratively to fertilize our coffee plants 

In the future, we aim to expand the use of renewables to cars and trucks – but this technology is not yet readily available in Nicaragua.