Organics and Renewables

Certified Organic

NOR is certified organically for both processing and trading coffee and cocoa. Our organic farmers are organically certified for the EU and USDA (there are no Japanese or Canadian certifications available in Nicaragua, currently). Our other farms are currently in organic transition.

We take great pride in our effort to become certified to provide sustainable, organic, speciality coffee to our customers.


We are optimizing the use of renewable energy in all aspects of our company. We’ve invested in gravity pumps for water, solar thermal energy for the drying processes, solar photovoltaic energy for the milling processes and farm lighting and machinery. In the future, we aim to expand the use of renewables to cars and trucks – but this technology is not yet readily available in Nicaragua.

We continually try to improve our use of water resources by filtering the grey water from our wet milling process and pumping the grey water up to tanks from where we can mix the grey water (which contains a high amount of nitrogen) with other important elements and use this liquid to fertilize our coffee plants

Direct Trade

With 10+ years in the region, we have worked to establish fair and direct trade with local farmers.

We direct trade with the local farmers in order to ensure a fair premium for the great quality coffees they consistently provide.  We pay at the farm gate to directly to the farmer in order to make sure that the main economic benefits are enjoyed by them and their families. We also offer support in organic certification for both farmers and cooperatives

Our dry mills allows farmers to transfer and sell their wet coffee at its highest quality and price. We offer quality testing and upfront pay standards, which gives farmers the most flexibility, freedom, and financial gain.

We provide our farmers access to financing by providing them with contracts for getting loans with local microfinancing institutions or – in special cases – directly by NOR

These direct trade practices allows NOR to not only encourage regenerative, organic, premium practices, but also ensures excellent quality in the cupping, fermenting, roasting process in order to create our premium speciality coffees.

Our customers have full traceability of their coffee, producer, farms, premiums and benefits.