Where should start?

Where should we begin?

With the Quetzal’s flight over the mountains of Laguna Verde?

With the Tigre del Monte creeping through the coffee brush at midnight?

Windy drives in the blasting midday sun through volcanic mountain ranges on the Northern border?

Or our solar powered coffee mill where we’ve created an elusive blueberry note,

We’re still pursing to this day…

NOR – pays tribute to our partnership with the Norteños –the proud coffee growers of the Northern Nicaragua region

We aim to promote socio-economic growth for coffee farmers and improve the environmental sustainability of participating communities.

 With 10+ years in the region, we’ve created an avenue for small farms to sell their product on a global market through sustainable farming practices and logistical support like our in-house roasting process, solar powered dry mill, organic certification, speciality fermentations.

We guarantee our speciality products are of premium quality in every aspect of sustainable production.

From Seed – To Farm – To Fermentation – To Your Cup

See our Process and Meet our Community

For information how to purchase see norspecialities.com