Our Farms & Farmers

Our Farms 

Our two Nicaraguan farms are located in Laguna Verde, Jinotega – almost on the border between Jinotega and Matagalpa at 14,00m altitude. The area has lots of rain and sun year-out and an abundance of animal life which we try to help preserve by taking practicing sustainable ownership of our forests and watersheds. 

Our farms have extensive use of shade-grown coffee and each farm has its own water resources which we also share with our neighbors. We filter the water from the wet milling processes and use our gravity pumps to lift the so-called honey-water up to tanks from which we irrigate the coffee. The coffee pulp is composted and also used for natural fertilizers. 

The coffee is divided into lots according to varietal and planting year and each lots gets the differential treatment it deserves. On Finca Jesper we mainly grow caturra, catuai, and have special lots of hand-picked rust-resistant heirloom varietals Pacamara and Maracaturra. These ”Mara´s” were identified years back on the farm of a friend which had been almost obliterated buy coffee-rust – except for these beautiful trees, which we chose to propagate in our own genetic garden. We are now sharing the genetics of these heirloom varietals with our partner farmers to reintroduce these lost – and highly productive and profitable – varietals to the growers.

On Finca Susanne we have planted Itaitu and Iparainema, which are adapting beautifully to the microclimate and soil types of Jinotega.

We have preserved the original forests on our farms and thereby we are retaining their wildlife and the forests also provide us with ample water resources for our processes and people. We have developed and built several gravity pumps, which we use to lift water to where we need it – without the use of fuel. We are spreading the use of these sustainable technologies to our partner farmers.

Our Farmers

Our farmer collaborators, which provide us with the bulk of our specialty coffees, are both from the surrounding area of Jinotega and Matagalpa, from Esteli, Madriz and Nueva Segovia on the Dipilto-Jalapa mountain range. 

We Direct Trade with the farmers in order to ensure a good premium for the great quality coffees they consistently provide us with. We always aim to pay at the farm gate to the farmer in order to make sure that the main economic benefits are enjoyed by them and their families. 

We also provide our farmers access to financing by providing them with contracts for getting loans with local microfinancing institutions or – in special cases – directly by NOR. 

Our farmers have access to technical assistance in the different aspects of growing and processing in order to help them improve their quality of coffee and the sustainability of their use of land, water and forest resources. We have collaborated with Fundenuse, Fundeser, TechnoServe, MEDA and others on these aspects of our business and continue to work to provide more and better opportunities for our farmers. 

Our Americas Partners

We also have deep partnerships with friendly farmers in other parts of the Americas who share our philosophy in organic fine cocoa in Guatemala, organic and other specialty grade coffees from Colombia, Honduras, Guatemala, Bolivia and Peru. Please look under Our Coffee to see the different origin offers. 

We are always happy to discuss these products and partnerships if you take contact to us.

Besides from the Direct Trade aspect of our relationship with our farmers we also offer support in Organic and CO2 Reduction certification for both farmers and cooperatives – see more on this under Our Processes and Organics & Renewables.