Our Organics- Renewables

Our Organics and Renewables

NOR is organically certified for processing and trading coffee and cocoa and our own farms are in organic transition. Our organic farmers are organically certified for the EU and USA (there are no Japanese or Canadian certifications available in Nicaragua, currently). We put great pride in being certified for providing organic coffee to our customers and are happy to hear about any other certifications you could be interested in.

We also focus on optimizing the use of renewable energy in all aspects of our company, whether it is the gravity pumps, the solar thermal energy produced for the drying processes or the solar photovoltaic energy used for the milling processes and farm lighting and machinery. We aim to expand the use of renewables to cars and trucks in the future – but this technology is unfortunately not yet readily available in places like Nicaragua.

We also continually try to improve our use of water resources by filtering the grey water (honey water) from our wet milling process and pumping it up to tanks from where we can mix the grey water (which contains a high amount of nitrogen and other good things) with other important nutritional elements and we use this liquid to fertilize our coffee plants, which will be in their critical first flowering at this point around February and therefore will be in much need of nutrients in order to flower and later form the tasty coffee beans.